Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Fast decisions, operations in motion.

In today’s day and age, healthcare and technology cannot be separated. When the patients, doctors and providers information is connected in real time, a higher level of patient care is achieved. This is how we can obtain the necessary information, and ensure each patient is receiving the right care at the right time.

Make your supply chain more efficient

Patient identification with bracelets

Help ensure your patient´s safety in every step of their way.

Internal communication

Collaboration for the patient´s care without disruptions.

Inventory management

Optimize the inventory and simplify the supply chain with real-time tracking technology.

Make your operations more efficient with scanners, portable computers, tablets and printers for your company

RSI México offers advantages like maintaining your processes automated, identified, tracked and controlled.

Portable computers and tablets

Our portable computers and tablet have an intuitive interface, are sturdy and ultra-safe, and have exclusive software and apps to increase productivity and improve decision-making from the work area.


Our wide variety of printers guarantee you will find the one that is best suited for your operations and budget. Desktop, industrial, portable and PVC card printers; we have the one for you.

RFID labels

Our RFID labels allow you to quickly try and implement RFID solutions for process automation.


Our selection of thermal transfer ribbons includes wax, resin and wax/resin formulations, perfect for your thermal printers.

Receipt paper

The performance of our receipt paper is evaluated to offer high-quality printing. Choose from a wide variety of thickness, coatings and sizes.

Barcode Scanners

We have the scanner your operations need: general scanners, ultra-resistant scanners, hands-free, fixed and scanner scales.

Brands that stand out for quality and performance

We work to establish long-term commercial partnerships based on trust and cooperation; this allows us to develop a competitive advantage that is long-lasting and sustainable.

What are your technical needs?